Friday, May 9, 2008

Barnes Race in 6th Upgraded by Cook

Kay Barnes race for Congress in Missouri's 6th District has just been upgraded as one of the top races in the entire nation.

Charlie Cook, and before that Stu Rothenberg, have pointed out this is one of the top races to watch. 85% of the districts are safe for incumbents (whether R or D). There are very few, maybe as few as 10, where an incumbent has a chance of being knocked off. Congressman Graves way be the most vulnerable incumbent in the entire nation.

#1 - Graves is in the pocket of Big Oil. With $4 per gallon of gas, that ain't gonna fly with the rural tractor drivers.

#2 - he's attached at the hips (and pocket book) with Bush/Cheney. Graves is the only Congressman in the entire nation to have fundraisers thrown by both Bush and Cheney.

#3 - Kay is a great leader. She is originally from St. Joe. This district includes Clay and Platte Counties, where the voters are used to her successful leadership. The 6th voted for Sen. McCaskill (D), Auditor Montee (D) and to support stem cell research. Democratic state representatives have been winning in Northwest Missouri and the areas North of the Missouri River, but still in Kansas City, are electing Democratic city council people.

The common sense voters in Clay, Platte, Eastern Jackson and Buchanan Counties will vote for Kay Barnes


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