Monday, May 12, 2008

An insult by a Republican is a compliment to a Democrat

When Republican Matt Blunt insulted Democrat Jeff Harris, candidate for Attorney General, he takes it as a compliment. You will recall that Gov. Blunt is being investigated and sued by just about everyone for not giving up his emails. His solution - go after a real to life Democrat, Rep. Jeff Harris.

Why Jeff? Because for all of the last 4 years, Jeff Harris has been a pain in the side of Matt Blunt. When Jeff was in charge of the House Democrats, he held Blunt accountable for such evil things as cutting the poor off health care and the sale of MOHELA. So, Blunt is giving a dig back.

Here's an email I got from the Harris campaign.

Last week, Governor Matt Blunt sunk to a new low. For the past several months Governor Blunt has been the subject of an investigation into whether he ordered two state employees to destroy public records, a clear violation of the Sunshine Law.

As a strong believer and proponent of this law, I spoke out on the House floor last Tuesday, in defense of the two employees who refused to buckle under pressure from the Governor to destroy public records. Too often, state employees are used as scapegoats, and I wanted to commend them for doing the right thing.

So what was the Governor’s response to my speech? He had his office issue a Sunshine request for every document created in my office and every email ever sent or received since 2003.

The Kansas City Star said this was “a childish stunt,” and the Joplin Globe said Blunt is making a “mockery” of the Sunshine law.

This is a clear attempt to distract, bully and intimidate me.

But I've never been intimidated by this Governor. My office will fully comply with his request, because I have nothing to hide.

It's pretty obvious who this Governor does not want as our next Attorney General. Me. I consider that a badge of honor. I fought him when he slashed health care for thousands of Missourians, and he knows that I won't let this email scandal die when he leaves office. He knows that as your next Attorney General, I will make it a priority to find out exactly what happened in this Governor’s office with regards to any order to destroy public records.

As a Missourian, I am disappointed in what we’ve seen from this Governor, and I know that like me, you expect better than vindictive partisanship from your state’s elected officials.

If you agree with me, that Missouri needs a strong champion for open government in the Attorney General’s office, then please join our campaign today. By making a modest contribution of $5 or $10 or whatever you can afford, you can help demonstrate that you won’t back down when it comes to fighting for what’s right.

I’m ready to take on Governor Blunt or anyone else who stands between you and your right to a fair, open and accessible government. Please join us today, and help me put some real teeth behind the Sunshine Law.




Phil Cardarella said...

I simply cannot agree with Jeff's rash statement that we should expect better than childish mockery of the law from the Boy Governor.

I find it hard to believe that media types are seriously asking "Why would the Gov. order the e-mails destroyed?"

DUH! He destroyed the EVIDENCE, guys. Nixon didn't get to erase his tapes. Blunt acted quicker. Nobody goes to that much trouble to get rid of a few naughty jokes. You only take that risk when the e-mails would show a serious misuse of the office. This is what the Feds have indicted a lot of Democrats for -- including the Pittsburg coroner. Since he is a Repub, he won't be charged, but that favored treatment might be embarrassing, since I suspect it is far more misuse than the poor coroner is being hounded for.

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