Monday, May 19, 2008

Donnelly Roasts Koster

I never thought that Margaret had this much fire in her belly, but here is her latest press release:

Koster's Priorities are Sex Shops and Special Interests over Missourians
Successful filibuster helps Speaker Jetton, Sex Shops, and not much else

JEFFERSON CITY - As the legislative session comes to a close, it is usually the final opportunity for lawmakers to pass bills helpful to their constituents. However, one tag team of lawmakers, Senators Chris Koster, D-Raymore and Senator Victor Callahan
D-Independence used the final hours of the legislative session to filibuster the "Village Law Repeal" bill in the State Senate. The legislation had two major provisions: the first repealed the "Village Law"; the second placed tougher restrictions on sex shops and pornography. After a long filibuster a compromise was reached. The bill passed, but without the emergency clause allowing it to become law immediately.

Numerous newspaper editorials have condemned the "Village Law" because of the proliferation of so called "villages" popping up in many areas of the state as a way for developers to avoid accountability to county government. The provision was inserted at the last minute last year and permits development to occur regardless of the impact on neighboring communities. This has been a pet project of Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton, a close friend of Koster's.

State Representative Margaret Donnelly commented on the filibuster saying, "It is outrageous that in the final days of session Senator Koster has made it a priority to filibuster a bill in order to help his friend Speaker Jetton. The repeal of the village law provision is essential to protecting the wishes of neighboring citizens from projects such as gaming or CAFOs. He must also be against putting regulations on sex shops, since his filibuster resulted in that portion being stripped from the bill. Although the repeal of the village law finally occurred, without the emergency clause it will be the "Wild West" for developers from now until August.

"I expect more from a candidate for Attorney General. He should be ashamed," said Donnelly. "This shows once again that Koster values his special interests and Republican friends over the best interests of all Missourians."


Phil Cardarella said...

Hopefully this will be addressed in the CCP debate -- both the sex shop & the non-village villages.

Anonymous said...

This blog seems to tout the campaigns of Harris and Donnelly while sharply criticizing Koster's. Is Koster getting a fair shake from the CCP?

I am concerned the 5/22 debate is an ambush. Hope I am wrong.

Phil Cardarella said...

Actually, the CCP has turned over the AG debate to the members of the news media, and have no real control over the questions asked.

Frankly, I don't agree with that format BECAUSE it does not allow enough of a confrontation on tough issues by the members of the CCP -- who can be very tough on some basic issues that the media members may not share.

I suspect that will be more to Koster's advantage than not.

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