Thursday, May 1, 2008

Koster Opposes "Festival Liquor Licensing"

Here's an interesting tid bit. Go to Gone Mild for an interesting post on "Koster Defies Kansas City Priorities."

Several folks on KC City Council would like to see a Festival Liquor License. It could be used for events at 18th and Vine, Waldo Pub Crawl, Brookside Art Fair, Westport Art Fair, Crossroads Art District, etc. Right now, only the Cordish owned Power and Light District allows folks to walk around with a beer in their hand.

SB 1001 is sponsored by Sen. Jolie Justus (D - KC) and co-sponsored by Sen. Victor Callahan (D-KC) and Sen. Yvonne Wilson (D - KC). Why would Koster fight his fellow Democrats? With the Democratic primary for Attorney General coming up in August, with Jeff Harris already having an in with Democrats, while Chris is trying to prove his Democratic ties, why fight with 3 life long Democratic senators from KC?


Phil Cardarella said...

Perhaps the operative word is "Democrats".

Anonymous said...

It seems that Chris Koster's habit of fighting against Democrats is proving to be a tough habit to break.

Anonymous said...

Or, it could be that Koster is a man of principle who does not take the politically easy path.

Anonymous said...

OMG, anonymous, you literally made me LOL!

Thank you for the laugh!

Fan of Justus said...

Why would Koster oppose a bill supported by Jolie Justus? If you have to choose Victor Callahan or Jolie Justus, doesn't a real Democrat pick Jolie Justus everytime.

Last time Koster opposed Jolie was on MOHELA - looks like she was right. In fact, Koster called the PQ on her - the Senate equivelant of kicking someone in the nuts, twice!

Phil Cardarella said...

Other than a difficult-to-explain affection for pit bulls, Jolie is usually right.

On the other hand, given all she has done for pit bulls, you would think Victor would be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Does any real Democrat think that Koster can piss on MOHELA and Jolie Justus, cut people off Medicaid and endorse John Ashcroft and still allow Koster to purchase the Democratic primary nod for AG with pro-voucher money? This is crazy.

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Anonymous said...

I am a "real Democrat" who will never vote for Justus again. I live in midtown where pit bulls were not an issue until recently; now there are at least six that I know of within a few blocks, and the owners flaunt them, including one who routinely lets it roam without a leash. Sorry, my right to feeling safe in my own neighborhood trumps their right to own a certain breed of dog. If you MUST have a pit bull, move to Raytown, not a walkable, densely populated neighborhood like mine.

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