Monday, May 12, 2008

CCP Questionaires - 44th State Rep race

CCP gives out endorsements in most county and state races. As part of our endorsement process, a questionaire was sent to every filed candidate and we have posted each received questionaire on our website. The questions are detailed towards each office the candidate is seeking although some of the same questions are asked of every candidate. We invite you to read through these questionaires to learn more about each candidate. Although you can certainly read them all at once, we will be highlighting races individually in the next few weeks.

First on the list - the race for the MO state representative of the 44th district. The current officeholder, Rep. Jenee Lowe, is unable to run again due to term limits so it is an open race. There are 3 filed candidates: Amy Coffman, Jason Kander and Mary Cosgrove Spence. Each candidate returned their questionaires so you will be able to compare their answers. The 44th district includes Brookside, Waldo, the Ward Parkway corridor and a portion of Hickman Mills.

Each candidate for the 44th has a website and they are respectively


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this, great service to the voters

Jimmy in Jeff City said...

I'm very troubled by what I'm hearing about Amy Coffman.

She buys a Ford Escape just two days prior to her UAW screening, and in her screening tries to lead them to believe she's always been driving one!!!!

This is almost unbelievable. If we can't trust Amy in the campaign, how can we possibly trust her in office?

My God, she lied to the faces of the UAW!!!

How dumb can that possibly be??

Stephen Bough said...


Do you have some proof; otherwise I assume anonymous crap like this is a lie.

Found On Road Dead said...

One must ask who tells lies like that Steve.

That story was going around at Truman Days on Friday night.

from muh-darlin' Clem-n-tine said...

Well Steve-oh, the story about Amy Coffman's little fib she told to the UAW has spread like wildfire, in Jeff City and beyond. Are you sure you're not just playing the clueless one when you already know about it?

The only speculation left is whether or not she purchased the "optional GPS package" when she bought the vehicle two days prior to the screening.

Why? She'll need it to navigate the union opposition to her in-district.

Whoa!!! Nelly!!!

Tired of Lame Blog Comments by signficant others said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you people are unbelievably naive an gullible! Jimmy in Jeff City, not only is this "almost unbelievable"'s just entirely inaccurate!
I am Amy's sister. We bought matching 2008, RED, FORD ESCAPES on July 30th of 2007! yep. that's right. We went together, to the same place, (Ford Dealership on 350 hwy in Raytown, I think our sales guy was Mike- do you need me to check that out) Anyway, I didn't count, but it is definitely more than 2 days before the UAW screening. For those of you with nothing better to do, go ahead and count the days then you'll see that Jason Kander is the liar. He went into the UAW screening and told them that Amy was liar and did not own a Ford at all! Then when he gets caught in that lie he says well she bought it 2 days before. Jason is the liar, not Amy. We have sent the pin #s and title information to the folks that really matter at the UAW.

You people get on these blogs and go to your parties, and wherever else and talk out of the sides of your mouth with not a freekin' clue what your saying. This is the kind of politics that give a bad name to all! The only thing troubling is the ridiculous behavior exhibited on these blogs! Stop it!

PS darlin clemintine...we did not by the GPS unit! Navigate that!

In district formerly aligned said...

If the comment above this one is true then in the words of Ricky Ricardo -- Jason has some 'splain'n to do.

Anonymous said...

What the heck?

Did Kander really do and say what he did? I have to believe Amy's sister, the post sounds legit.

That's right in-district (above) Kander's got some explaining to do. Both Kanders have the reputation of the-end-jutifies-any-means.

Anonymous said...

I have a candidate in this race and no it's not Amy. (Anyone who comments on a several week old post and pretends to be "previously uncommitted" is totally full of shit.)

But to Amy's sister, why has the Escape only recently appeared? Why was she always driving her Prius everywhere until it was time to screen with unions?

And why were there temporary tags on it the first time she ever drove it to an event (which was in 2008)?

Why was Greg "Mainstream" Razer blogging about how Ford Escapes are the perfect Democratic car the same week as the UAW screenings?

Convenient much? You have to at least admit how this all appears to the labor groups.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Diana/anon at 9:50 -

But JASON Kander, not you, needs to explain exactly what he said, and to whom.

Just like jimmy above, I've heard the same things, and guess what? They came from UAW members who believed what Jason told them.

That rumor about Amy is all over the place, and now we know the ultimate source of that lie is Jason.

We're all interested in what this decorated war hero has to say.

Wait a minute.... Jason wants us to believe he's seen combat and he's a war hero.

Is that a lie too?

Anonymous said...

If your information would have been correct Anon 9:50, I would have had to call you a stalker! But thankfully you're not a stalker...just folk behind a keyboard who also doesn't know what he/she is talking about.

Amy's husband drives the Prius, Amy drives the Escape (which she purchased to replace a Jeep Cherokee) has been that way since July 30th! why don't you drop by Dick Smith Ford and ask about the folks who bought two Ford Escapes and a Ford F150 (for my husband). Now, perhaps Amy and Jay drive together in the Prius to some events, that is quite possible. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes they drive in the Escape together...also good.

Regarding the tags? She had new PLATES within the required 30 days...that would have been Aug 2007...

Really?...please check your facts before blogging!


Anonymous said...


Explain why you made this false claim and why your supporters are so mean.

Anonymous said...

You know there is a very easy way to prove that Amy owned the car last year. Her personal property taxes are public. All she has to do is show that she paid property taxes on the car in 2007 and she can shut up the Kanders for good. I haven't been able to check tonight because the site is down, but Amy should be able to clear this up in the morning.

Anonymous said...

For those of you interested in truth, your PROOF is now going to be on Amy's website. So go to you'll find the transfer of registration.

Let this be the end of this ridiculous banter.


Anonymous said...

So did Jason say to the UAW that Amy just purchased her car two days before the screening?

I think the Kander campaign owes us an explanation, and guess what silence means?

Silence means they have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha - anonymous posters demanding explanations based on rumors in the comment section of an old posting.

What world do you live in?

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you're referring to, but I live in a world where an old post goes from 2 to 17 comments.

I live in a world where Jason Kander has gotten caught lying. Lying to the UAW in his screening.

I also live in a world that is going to scrutinize Jason Kander's military background with a fine tooth comb. All of his photos have him in full combat gear, but even his staunchest supporters won't say he was in a combat role.

That is lying, too.

Jason and his wife have a serious set of problems.

I live in a world where if Jason will lie to the faces of the people scrutinizing him, he is capable of lying in every aspect of his campaign.

I live in a world where you call out overly ambitious youngsters who have to lie to get ahead.

What malady does Jason Kander have? Mythomania? Pseudologia fantastica?

Or is he just a garden variety politician trying to get ahead by any means he can?

What a crazy madcap world we live in.

Henry Blake said...

Jason has tried to start a career based on half-truths and psy-op tactics. First, it was Jason and Diana presenting themselves as (message) "Framing" experts using money lavished on him by a rich uncle. Then Diana was supposedly an expert on "framing" at the Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus, but actually she was just a source of money for a group that could not make money on a fundraiser -- again the money came from Cabaret and Chicago. Then Diana was supposed to be a crack campaign manager but she only managed to piss off local Democrats while sending money to a Republican printing firm in Illinois and a Republican phone call firm in Pennsylvania (check out the Gamble Campaign records and then Google the vendors. (Damn that Internet!) In addition, Diana hired a guy who used to make blog posts about Mike Sanders sick baby who claimed that the baby was not really sick and that Mike was only using the baby for political gain -- of course the baby was really sick but Diana never gave a damn about that. In the interim Diana decides that her client's opponent's campaign manager needs to go to jail for theft, when it really looks like the problem was a lack of internal financial controls -- controlled by Jason and Diana. Then Jason returns from "The War" where he told his university radio station that he was a hero for not killing children, and then he puts together a maudlin "best years of our lives" slide show, with a lot of pictures of him standing in full combat gear with a side arm strapped to his inner thigh like a cold, hard, steely penis. Yet, when people ask him what he did during the war he blanches and talks vaguely about "chasing bad guys." And, all of a sudden "people" start posting On Gone Mild a series of vile posts using the name "The Voice In Amy's Head" almost like a psy-op operative might do. And other blog posters, at least one using the name SSideDem, start reporting on checking auto license numbers on cars that were parked outside of Amy's house when she held campaign meetings. Does anyone else notice a fixation about cars parked around Amy's house?
But Jason is above suspicion because he has pictures of himself in full battle gear. Well Jason if you chased bad guys you have nothing to fear about talking about it. If you did not chase bad guys but you served your country, then you have no reason to embellish your record. If you happened to capture people because you could catch them and then turn them over to some front for the CIA, which then tortured the prisoner for kicks, well Jason you are in a heap of political trouble. The same goes for if you took all those picture of you in full combat gear with the side arm striped to the inner thigh like a penis, and you really only sat back in camp and funneled rumors into CIA chat rooms.
Now there is another whiff of dishonesty lingering like mustard gas around the Kander campaign. It appears he actually went into a screening like Frank Burns armed with " the goods" about his opponent. And it seems that the UAW operatives were stupid enough to run with the information they received from the boy. You would think that the UAW would hire some grown-ups. Does anyone have Cecil Vaughn's phone number? What about Clem Whitman? Perhaps they can shed some light on the matter? Perhaps Jason should publicly ask the UAW to report on what he said to them and what they did as a result of receiving bad information. Personally, I think Jason Kander is a liar.

St. Mary's said...

Jason's sneaky shit cannt be any worse than Mike Mauer hiring a Chicago private spy to snoop on his opponents.

glad I'm not Clem said...

Kander is a sleezy liar. Who else would parade around in full combat gear, have his picture taken, when he or no one he knows will vouch for his combat record?

I've read the same posts, and even his supporters won't say he was in combat.

Ever notice that Jason's is usually never standing with anybody else when he is pictured in "full combat" mode?

Oh, and as for the latest recipient of Kander's dishonesty, I really feel sorry for Clem. Man, I would be so pissed...

john said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.

Anonymous said...

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