Thursday, May 15, 2008

Barack on Faith

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Barack Obama spoke with Disciple's World, a publication of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. They interviewed all the candidates, Barack's was published in the May, 2008 issue. A few highlights:

What makes you a better choice: As an individual, I don't claim any superiority to the other candidates. I am an imperfect person and an imperfect candidate. And if elected, I won't be a perfect president. Like all of us, I am a flawed human being relying on the grace of God to get me through each day.

How does your faith influence your public life: My faith in Jesus Christ influences every aspect of my life, public and private. I pray, I read the Bible, I try every day to follow his example of loving our neighbors and work for "the least of these" in our country and our world.

Is there a particular message you want to share with people of faith: Yes I strongly believe that people of faith can and must work together to bridge the political and religious divisions in America, Our nation faces serious challenges and there are no easy solutions. And all of us - people of all religions and none, and people of all political persuasions - have a shared stake in solving these problems. Often, my politically progressive friends fail to fully appreciate the role of values and culture play in addressing some of our most pressing social problems. For my friends who are political and religious conservatives, I think it would be helpful to remember the critical role that separation of church and state has played in preserving not only our democracy but also the freedom and richness of our diverse religious traditions

Well, there's some humility, there's some loving your God and there's some loving your neighbor.


Phil Cardarella said...

What kind of Christian does this guy claim to be? He doesn't want to hate anybody or kill anybody or bomb anyone. Obviously out of the "mainstream".

Come the Rapture, he's gonna be stuck here with us sinners.

craig said...

Wow Phil, you sure have a twisted view of Christians, considering that you are one.

Phil Cardarella said...

Dear craig:

Please check out e-bay and see what it would cost to purchase a sense of humor.

My point was precisely that anyone who actually followed the teachings of Christ would have a world view considerably different from the Rapture Repubs -- and the Sen. Obama was expressing a much more Christian philosophy than they.

Yes, I was raised a Christian -- and taught by Democrat nuns who were working for Republican bishops. I consider myself a Christian -- in the Beatitudes sense, not the hellfire sense.

And I resent those who preach hate in the name of Christ as much as I resent those who claim to be defending freedom while shredding our Constitution.

craig said...


"Please check out e-bay and see what it would cost to purchase a sense of humor."

That was funny.

Your first post wasn't.

My sense of humor may be a little dry, but it is well maintained. Post funny stuff and I would laugh.

SsideDem said...
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Stephen Bough said...

Sometimes believing in the 1st Amendement is difficult.

Anonymous said...

Steve that kind of libelous rot is not protected by the First Amendment.

CCP Admin said...

I deleted SSide's comment - I hope my action doesn't offend others, but, really, racist and personal attacks aren't acceptable.

berto said...

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Anonymous said...

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