Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Religious Right Tears Apart Republican Party via Huckabee

The Buzz on A2 of the KC Star had this little tid bit:

Arianna Huffington writes that Huckabee's poll surge is partly the result of decades of Republicans capitalising on evangelical voters as "just a resource to be cynically exploited every few years in demagogic anti-gay get-out-the-vote campaigns.

"But now the holy-rolling monster the GOP's Dr. Frankensteins have created has thrown off the shackles, fled the lab, and is currently leading in Iowa. And the party doesn't know what to do."

In Missouri we are all too familiar with the religious right's hold on the Republican party. Right here in Jackson County we see Senator Matt Bartle attacking on Warren Erdman (former chief of staff to Senator Kit Bond) for an appointment to the board of curators because of right to life issues. We see Sen. Chris Koster quiting the Republican party based, in part, on the stem cell issue. We also see the far right's favorite political consultant, Jeff Roe, being retained by Huckabee to push him on his blog, The Source. It should also be noted that the religious right - who is already disenchanted with Gov. Matt Blunt - can't be happy with Blunt backing Mitt Romney. There are too many examples of the religious right dictating Republican policy to even mention.

The Republicans have a problem here in Missouri. Folks are tired of Jeff Roe attacks. They are sick of extreme candidates. In Missouri, swing voters decide every election and suburban women ain't going to vote for a Huckabee. Here's hoping Huckabee gets the nod.


Anonymous said...

Matt Blunt being pro-stem cell research and the religious right equating stem cell research to abortion and the business community supporting stem cell has been great fun to watch.

whistleblower said...

KY3 Political Notebook

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poll: Huckabee Looks Stable in Iowa


Huckabee Maintains Lead in Iowa;
Romney Looks Stable in N.H.

The freshest numbers from the 2008 presidential race are breaking at this hour. The L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll shows good news for Hillary Clinton and better news for Mike Huckabee in Iowa.

Mike Huckabee 37%
Mitt Romney 23%
John McCain 11%
Fred Thompson 11%
(+/-6 points)

IOWA DEMS (Likely Caucus-goers)
Hillary Clinton 29%
Barack Obama 26%
John Edwards 25%
(+/-4 points)

Who finishes third in Iowa matters on both sides. McCain's best scenario: Huck knocks of Romney in Iowa and is able to eek out a third place to launch himself into New Hampshire. The Democratic side looks much more chaotic. But even if Hillary finishes third, don't expect her to quit.

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