Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Koster - "A Man Without A Country"

Tim Hoover from the KC Star penned a very interesting article; Koster's party switch in Missouri leaves hard feelings on both sides of partisan fence.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are happy with Chris. From all I can tell, and based upon human experience, the R's are really ticked and the D's are glad he's on our team, but open arms are not yet extended. Think of it as if the QB from your high school arch rival (in my case, Ozark), moved into your town (i.e. Republic) and challenged your QB for the starting job. You are glad he's not the QB for Ozark any more because he's really talented, but you have known your QB since 4th grade.

To carry the analogy too far, now Koster is running for Football Homecoming King in Republic. Kids from Ozark certainly don't get to vote. Heck, Nixa and Rogersville don't get to vote. That is why Dr. George Connor of Missouri State University is right - Koster is "a man without a country." Here is what you need to know about Dr. George Connor - he wears ties made out of wood. Bow wood ties; regular length wood ties. So, he's unstable which makes him a good person from which to get a quote. Second, he is an extremely tough professor who works folks so hard that they never want to go to law school (which is his stated purpose). Finally, he tried to talk my wife - the smartest, prettiest girl ever to be in the SMSU political science department - out of marrying me (but, he was not alone in that unsuccessful effort).

Hoover's article is insightful because it points out that both the Republicans and Democrats are gunning for Koster. Gov. Matt Blunt is weak because the first thing he did was kick 100,000 off Medicaid. Koster was with him. The two other D candidates (Rep. Jeff Harris and Rep. Margaret Donnelly) for Missouri AG opposed Blunt's effort. Donnelly (who has hired D political stud Richard Martin) and Harris (who has the deadly one/two/three combo of Roy Temple, Julie Gibson and Vince Currao) are going to clip Koster at every chance. Republicans in the Missouri Senate can only see their old QB lined up on the other side of the ball. The Republicans will take an unsportsman like conduct penalty for the chance to put a helmet in Koster's back.

Here's hoping this fight doesn't ruin our chance to take back the governor's seat and keep the AG in the D column. Also, when I (very poorly) played football in Republic, we didn't have those cool stripes on our helmets, which is why we were called the pumpkin heads.


SSideDem said...

"Finally, he tried to talk my wife - the smartest, prettiest girl ever to be in the SMSU political science department - out of marrying me (but, he was not alone in that unsuccessful effort)."

Like her family, friends, random people on the street and anyone who cares about her or her immortal soul and physical well-being?

Let me guess? Koster has not sold his soul to the plaintiffs bar? Or is this just a personal vendetta because he tried to stand between you and sex? If it is the latter that is not exactly a good outlook for a man interested in buying a judgeship Bough.

If you feel this way, sounds like Koster is my guy. Is he Pro-Life as well? Good on the War on Terrorism?

Stephen Bough said...


When did I personally attack you??

Koster doesn't know my wife. Dr. George Connor is the professor that paragraph was talking about.

Dude (or dudette), lighten up. You can pick on me, but don't pick on or even talk about my mom, wife or kids. On a personal level, you've made an enemy. On a debate level, you have proven yourself scum, your opinions have even less value and even people who may agree with your positions don't want to be associated with you.

SSideDem said...

very judicial response

truth hurts ambulance chaser

guys like you attack me when they suck the blood out of people by making it impossible to run a business

Anonymous said...


Why would you attack a person's spouse? You are a person lacking integrity. Koster wouldn't be associated with your worthless shit. Just go away.