Friday, December 28, 2007

Funk Open for Pot Shots

Don't just take cheap shots on a blog at our mayor, do it in person! Here's an exciting press release. The questions are which town hall meeting will require security and will he be bringing his wife(y) and will he do one on the West side?

Mayor Mark Funkhouser will hold two town hall meetings in January. The hour-long town hall meetings begin with a 15-minute introductory address followed by 45 minutes of questions and comments from the audience.

Wednesday, January 16 at 6 p.m.
1709 Highland
Hosts: Memorial Missionary Baptist Church

Wednesday, January 30 at 6 p.m.
14 West 10th St.
Central Library 5th Floor Auditorium
Hosts: Downtown Neighborhood Association

If you are interested in hosting a Town Hall Meeting, please contact Crispin Rea in the Mayor's office: 816-513-3503, or

You do have to tip your hat to Funk for having the spine to show up and take the spanking that he knows is coming.


Dan Ryan said...

He's been doing open town hall meetings almost every other week since he was elected, and he has done so at many locations, including the West and East sides.

While I appreciate the snideness of the question, police protection is decided by the police department.

If you've ever attended one of these forums, you'd be impressed by the level of questions and the regard shown to our Mayor by the average citizen. I understand that in some political insider groups he hasn't won a whole lot of praise, but his popularity among average citizens remains remarkably high.

And, yes, it's high on the West side, where he celebrated the astonishing margin of support for the sales tax extension, which was the clearest statement yet from the voters that they appreciate a city that works for regular people.

You seem awfully out of touch, Steve, if you didn't know about these regular town hall meetings and the fact that they've been such a huge success. Give me a call and I'll be happy to go with you to one or both of them. I'm pretty confident that you'll be impressed with our Mayor.

You ought to stop listening to some of the people who keep calling you with negative information, and tell them to work on a more current race.

Anonymous said...

The town hall meeting is more like a lecture series.
At each of these meetings people have told Funkhouser how they felt about decisions he made. Funkhouser unequivocally ignored them. I think these two meetings will be an opportunity for Funkhouser to listen to citizens and then turn around and do exactly the opposite of what he hears. He will thumb his nose at them.

Stephen Bough said...


I am out of touch. That probably explains why I was just invited to the town hall meeting for the first time.

Do you really think that the sales tax extension is the citizen's stamp of approval on the Mayor? I think that the two City Council folks who did all the work may disagree.

In my out of touch world I would rather have Dan Ryan as my mayor.

Dan Ryan said...

Steve -

You've been invited to all of them - this Mayor has had more community outreach than any previous Mayor - unless you count breakfast with TIF lawyers as community outreach.

I think that the margin of the sales tax passage reflects on popular approval of the Mayor and the direction of the city. Certainly, had it failed to pass, he would have caught the blame! A lot of people deserve credit for the result, but, if Funk were as unpopular in the real world as he is in blogs and insider political gatherings, their work would have been impossible.

As for me being Mayor, Steve, come on now, I thought we were friends! Why would you want to subject me to the insane criticism and ill-thought-out sniping that Mark is getting?! Do you really want me to suffer through one-sided attacks on my family, newspaper cartoons calling for a divorce, and blow-hard half-wits calling for my recall? Why would you expose me to the well-funded and well-organized attacks of entrenched interest groups who are furious that they are finding it harder to milk the city for money? Why would you want the former Mayor's adviser calling media outlets to spread negative rumors about me? That's one of the harshest things I've ever heard wished on anyone!


Happy New Year. Thanks for all you do for the CCP, and thanks to the CCP for hosting this forum.

Phil Cardarella said...

I suggest we not take "pot shots" at His Honor at all.

Don't forget that some of the things you may disagree with -- from derailing light rail to the Cauthen mess -- were set up by some of our friends' votes.

And some of those same friends managed to give a City Manager they personally questioned a 3 1/2 year contract without any public hearings -- just to spite the Mayor.

We might also consider a moratorium on criticising Gloria. He has the right to have as a volunteer in his office anyone he chooses. Anyone who thought she would not have a major role in his administration was smoking dope wrapped in Yael's delusions. As a practical matter, advice to the Mayor that begins with "dump your wife" will be ignored.

Mark was sold as "not a politician". Surprise! Sometimes he's impolitic -- and so is our First Lady! In reality, both seem to be bright,decent people, but ill-prepared for the roles thrust upon them -- and the spotlight that goes with those roles. But the citizens made the casting decisions, and must live with the cast.

Despite the "Mr. Smith" fantasy that occasionally overtakes the democratic process, public office has a learning curve. The "common citizen" in office -- like the amatuer cast in a major movie -- rarely does well as a seasoned pro.

Stephen Bough said...


You get slandered, insulted, your chiildren demeaned and your wife slapped around on the blogs anyway, you are no different than Funk (except I haven't seen any cartoons). I also find you intelligent and that you have much more appreciation of how to run things smoothly than our current mayor. Dan Ryan for Mayor!!

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