Sunday, December 16, 2007

Corporate v. Family Farm

The fine folks over at Gone Mild had an interesting post - "Koster the Imposter Brought Home the Bacon." The post discussed corporate pig farming (CAFO's).

Some of the comments discussed local farms, in particular Campo Lindo. I am big fans of their eggs, and chickens. Why buy their eggs, which are expensive (even without the costly antibiotics)? Because every carton of eggs includes a note from the people who own the farm. On this Sunday, when snow covers the ground, the little note I discovered in my egg carton made me feel warm.

Hello from Campo Lindo Farms,

Someone mentioned to me yesterday that they had been told that we are currently getting eggs from other people and selling them in our cartons. I just want to let you all know that we do not do that. "Our ladies" are the only ones doing the work for us, hence the recent shortages. Our young layers are finally getting with the program, so hopefully we'll be in good shape in time for Christmas cookies! Thanks for being patient with and supporting a local farm where "the ladies" do a lot of the work.

Carol, Jay, Brandon & Isabel


Anonymous said...

I don't know the first thing about pig politics, nor do I care if my AG does either. But I do want Missouri's AG - the highest law enforcement officer in the state - to have a solid record of putting criminals behind bars. Chris Koster has such a record, which is why the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed him. This dude is the only Democrat that can beat Gibbons.

Stephen Bough said...

You may be right, but I was talking about chickens. Try those Campo Lindo eggs. They are really good.

Anonymous said...

If Koster is such a law and order guy, how come he entered into a plea deal with John Robinson? Is that how he is going to beat Gibbons? "When the kitchen gets hot, I leave."

If Koster wants to win in the D primary, then maybe he should act like a D. First thing first, call up Senator Jean Carnahan and say "I'm sorry for endorsing John Ashcroft over your husband."

If Koster wants to just beat Gibbons, switch back to being a Republican and beat him in the primary.

Koster needs to be a D for more than a week before running for a new office. A good loyal D wouldn't leave a senate seat open for the Republicans. That ain't team playing.

Anonymous said...

What isn't team playing is voting in the primary for a Democrat who can't beat Gibbons in the general. Koster is the only Democratic candidate who can beat the Republicans. No one seems to deny that.

Dan said...

I deny that Koster is a Democrat, and I deny that he is the only one who can defeat Gibbons.

(Indeed, Koster is the only one who has yet to defeat a Republican.)

Anonymous said...

Both Harris and Donnelly have lined up teams of experienced Democratic consultants that beat Republicans every year.

Koster, on the other hand, has brought on Jeff Roe, who slanders Democrats every year.

Just because Koster is slick doesn't mean he can beat Gibbons. Let's be honest, in a D year, any of the 3 can beat Gibbons.

Anonymous said...

Dan - You are wrong. Koster has beaten Republicans before. He beat Bartle et al. to a pulp during the stem cell debate. Koster was the strongest voice for stem cell research in Missouri. Stowers would not be here if it wasn't for Chris Koster.

Anon. 5:35 - I do love the irony of your use of the word "slander." Roe does not serve as a consultant for Koster. It is pathetic - and telling - that you would try to slander Koster with lies.

Folks, I don't blame you for supporting your candidates. But let's try for some objectivity here. Koster is the only Democrat who can (and has) rally outstate, the unions, and the African-American vote. (Have you heard about Rep. Lacy Clay's (D-STL) endorsement of Koster yet?) Koster is the only one who can beat Gibbons. That is not some campaign spin - it is reality.

Joe said...

Anon 6:00 pm,

You tell two tall tales:

Koster the only one who can beat Gibbons--Please, like Gibbons is some electoral juggernaut. Rs have completely written off this race. Any of the three D candidates will beat Gibbons.

Koster will "rally" outstate--Koster tried to carry Farm Bureau's water with the CAFO bill, and failed. So this hurts Koster in three ways: he alienated rural conservatives who believe in local government, he alienated family famers and small business owners in rural Missouri, and--by failing to get a CAFO bill through the assembly--he showed Farm Bureau that he is an ineffective advocate for their policy agenda.

And you're telling me that Koster will play outstate--the guy born and raised in St. Louis?

Have you ever talked to anyone from Northern Missouri, Anon?

Anonymous said...

Harris just picked up the IBEW's endorsement. No state wide union has endorsed Koster. State wide SEIU has endorsed Harris.

In Kansas City, former state rep and KC City Council person and Freedom Inc. hot shot Terry Riley has endorsed Harris. How about Koster in his own back yard? Oops - none.

So, Koster doesn't have all the unions, doesn't have the African Americans, doesn't have rural, doesn't have environmentalists, doesn't have all the trial lawyers.

Who does he have? He has 100% of the Democratic primary voters that want to kick 100,000 people off medicaid, 100% of the Democrats that support coporate pig farms, 100% of the Democrats that picked John Ashcroft over Mel Carnahan. Of the liberal voters that will ask for a Democratic ballot in August, that is ZERO!

Bartle? Beat him? Chris Koster and Matt Bartle are friends. Their business offices are literally doors away from each other. Koster and Bartle are not enemies, they are soul mates.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:36pm - Great logic. Koster is buddies with Bartle simply because they have offices in close proximity. By that logic, all Lathrop & Gage lawyers are fire-breating right-wingers because their office is just one floor away from Jeff Roe. With arguments like that, who needs facts. Keep it up.

Joe - You ask whether I have ever spoken with a voter from rural northern Missouri. Well, yes. My mother, father, uncle, aunt...and much of the rest of my extended family, which is made up principally of small farmers. For Democrats in that neck of the woods, the single most important issue in the AG race is law and order. (But, of course, you already knew that.) Koster, frankly, has the best law and order record. I seriously doubt you will disagree with me on that one.

Koster has 13 years of prosecutorial experience. Remind me again how many years Harris and Donnely have?

Joe said...

Anon 7:52--

Isn't part of that whole "law and order" thing enforcing our air and water laws? Don't you think rural voters in Adair, Caldwell, Clay, Harrison, Linn, Livingston, Macon, Nodaway, Pettis, Platte, Ralls, Schuyler, and Scotland county would be interested in knowing whether Chris Koster, the St. Louisan, wanted to strip away their local health ordinances because Farm Bureau asked him to?

As for the prosecutorial experience argument, I'll refer you back to the discussion at Gone Mild, where Dan is currently pwning you.

Anonymous said...

Joe -

Is this amateur hour?

A prosecutor does not enforce "air and water laws." A prosecutor enforces criminal laws, which is precisely what Chris Koster did for 13 years as Cass County Prosecutor.

Joe said...


The Missouri Attorney General's office doesn't enforce air and water laws?

I hope Koster has a better grasp on the AG's duties than you do.

Anonymous said...

Joe -

You really are struggling here. I wrote that a prosecutor doesn't enforce air and water laws. That job is left to the AG's office. There are no county prosecutors in the AG's office.

Joe said...

Then you are having an argument with yourself, anonymous, because I never said prosecutors dealt with air and water laws -- I said Koster would have problems with rural folks because of his positions vis-a-vis those same air and water laws and the abilities of counties to regulate air and water quality.

Nice strawman you built there, but try reading for comprehension next time.

You take Dan's bet yet?

Anonymous said...

Gambling is against the law. Not that I would expect Harris or his supporters to know the law.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you this, the crazy folks on the left wing are the folks that vote in Democratic primaries. They care more about Green Peace than they do the FOP.

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