Friday, December 14, 2007

Boy Governor's Latest Plot Against Children

Hold the presses! After three years in office, the Boy Governor has just noticed that raping children is a bad thing.


He wants to execute child rapists -- a really bad (if emotionally satisfying) idea. First of all, the death penalty is both expensive and useless as a deterrent. BUT IT GETS WORSE! If you make any crime but murder a capital offense, it provides an INCENTIVE to murder the victim, to reduce the chances of ever being charged & convicted. Eliminate the victim as witness, since you can only be executed once.

That is where the old saying "As well be hung for a sheep as a goat" comes from, Matt. It's in all the law books. Ask a lawyer -- if you can find one still talking to you. Even proposing execution for such a crime actually endangers the children we want to protect -- even if we never get around to executing anyone.

So is the Boy Governor so dumb he does not realize that he is actually endangering child victims -- or so desperate to be reelected that he does not care?

Or does the answer really matter?


whistleblower said...


There must be something really wrong with the Governor's ability to consider the outcome of his decisions. I hope the press eats him alive for his lack of consideration as to the consequences.

Maybe he has too many "yes men" in his office. One would think that at least one of his many advisors would have explained the potential, if not probable, threat imposed upon the victims.

whistleblower said...

A couple of states already have death penalty crimes other than murder. A few have the death penalty as a possible result for kidnapping and hijacking an aircraft.

Only Lousiana has the death penalty for raping a child under 12.

Source -Death Penalty Information Center

Phil is 100% on the mark. If the penalty for letting the victim live is no different than that for killing the victim, why keep a witness alive?

Knee-jerk solutions tend to cause more problems.

bluemom said...

wow I agree with Whistleblower and Phil...

It's a good day...

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