Friday, December 14, 2007

President Claire McCaskill

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's blog is reporting on a great new book, "The Political Brain, the Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation."

The theory is that people vote with their hearts, not their heads. We need passion, not just an alternative to George W. Bush. To get Americans out to vote, they have to have something they are excited about. The author of the book, Drew Westen, threw in this little tid bit about Missouri's favorite Senator:

“Personally, I think if Hillary Clinton is not our first female president, my money is on Claire McCaskill, who has a wonderfully folksy way about her — along with a very sharp mind — and who manages to blend traditional femininity with the toughness of a prosecutor, in a way that allows us to activate both of our models of womanhood: the more unconscious ones that come from (most of) our experiences being raised by a woman, and our more conscious values, which are more egalitarian.”

Those of us from Jackson County already know that she is all that and more. Senator McCaskill would be a great president, whether she is the first woman president or not. Heck, she be a great choice for a VP, too. She's sitting in Truman's chair, might as well follow his path to the White House, too.


Any Dem But Claire said...

Given her support of warrantless searches on Americans, don't you think that she's a better candidate for head of the NSA?

Phil Cardarella said...

I volunteer to be her first nominee to the Supreme Court.

After me, all her future choices will seem moderate and get easy confirmation.

Seriously, a male candidate for Pres (say from a Southern state) could do worse for a running mate.

blemom said...

Specifically a male candidate formerly of the senate froma southern state...hmm Edwards/McCaskill....could be a dream ticket

Never Vote For Claire Again said...

But Claire voted in favor of giving Bush a blank check for the Iraqi war, and Edwards opposed it. Maybe Claire would be a better running mate for Giuliani - she could be the conservative one.

Anonymous said...

Claire is a HUGE disappointment as in the senate. I might as well have raised money for Talent, their voting record is nearly indentical on all counts to date. Pathetic and sad. Claire is selling out our values, and thus lied to us for her own gain. I for one will no longer be rasing money for her next time. I wish I'd put that $20K somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The negative comments about Sen. Claire McCaskill's provided no specific examples.

McCaskill's focus on government accountability deserves great applause. Hopefully some of her colleagues will learn something from her.

I urge everyone to contact their senators and representative about passing the Inspector General Reform Act of 2007 (S. 2324) and support the Federal Employee Protection of Disclosures Act that awaits action in the House.

The Federal Employee Protection of Disclosures Act closes some of the loopholes in the previous Act and overrides some of the anti-whistleblower actions taken by the courts.

Anonymous said...

I started a Draft Claire for Governor in which we had over 75 team captains statewide in 2003. She instead became a US Senator two years later. Claire McCaskill was a prosecutor in Kansas City, a single mom while serving as state representative for 3 terms and then a State Auditor. Her knowledge of local, state, and Federal levels of governments and how they work is extremely important. There has likely never been a vice presidential candidate which such a record of service.

She has become known as a center of the road legislator fighting for anti ear mark legislation and an accountability office for expenditures on the war. What she is most noticed for is that she has a pulse of the people that comes naturally and speaks out for the people when something is not in their best interest concerning government or important issues. Yes two inspiring candidates who bring out the best in people on the ticket sound real good.

Steven L. Reed
1441 South Estate Ave.
Springfield MO

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