Monday, April 14, 2008

Silvey in the Corner - Reed landing Blows

Here's the blow by blow - Ryan Silvey is in the corner, he's bleeding and he can barely keep his gloves up. Challenger Josh Reed has strong legs and can take this the full distance.

KC Blue Blog does a great job of pulling together the evidence that Rep. Ryan Silvey is buckling to Billionaire Sinquefield pro-voucher efforts. Silvey took $30,000 from Sinquefield groups.

The reason he needs this huge push out of the corner is Josh Reed is attacking from the left. Josh Reed is one of the best candidates that our party has right now. He grew up north of the river, he ran the grass roots for Obama, he's busting his butt in the district. Here's a sample of Josh Reed taking Silvey and Blunt to task:

Gov. Matt Blunt, Rep. Ryan Silvey from the 38th District in Clay County and the state Republican leadership have taken Missouri in the wrong direction on health care.

In 2005, the governor cut coverage and services for more than 400,000 Missourians. There are now 127,000 kids in Missouri without health insurance. As Gov. Blunt’s poll numbers continue to slide, he and other Republicans have been unable and unwilling to fix this mistake. A new report released by Families USA details the failures of Gov. Blunt’s new plan, “Insure Missouri.” This new program does not even come close to undoing the damage done. Nor does it restore coverage and services for all of the people hurt by these cuts. More than 1,071 children have lost coverage in Clay County since Rep. Silvey voted for Gov. Blunt’s Medicaid cuts. Expanding health care should be the priority in Jefferson City. We want real health-care reform that guarantees quality affordable health coverage for every Missourian.

The basic coverage and services that were cut in 2005 should be restored.
It is time to take Missouri and health care in a new direction. All of our children deserve coverage.

Joshua L. Reed

KC Blue Blog is correct that there are lots of rumors floating around about Silvey. All I know is that Josh Reed is a powerfully strong candidate, that this district was held by a Democrat for years and that 2008 is a Democrat year. With Silvey voting for corporate tax cuts, being pro-voucher and bad on health care, this could be the #1 race in Missouri for Democrats to take a seat from a Republican.


Joe said...

It's quite a competition between Nolte and Silvey for "most endangered Republican in 2008." Here's hoping that Northland KC gets things right this year.

Anonymous said...

Well since i am about to state the facts and not make up lies, i will be surprised if this blog is allowed to stay up. It seems that the Dems can only state the items they feel are negative about Rep. Silvey so i will help to educate the public on the positives. 1) Rep. Silvey worked to make county collectors pay back refunds and interest to tax payers who were charged in error. 2) in 2007 worked to bring 275,000 to assist with housing and economic development projects for kansas City. 3) Voted against slashing funding for alzheimers research even though Gov. Blunt wanted to cut funding. Showing Rep. Silvey does not vote for something he is against no matter who is telling him how to vote. 4) offered an amendment to budget committee to give social services 3.3 million to expand presumptive eligibility for health insurance for kids. I dont know about the rest of the voters in Clay County but this is someone I want backing me and my children. Not just some guy who recently with the lastyear decided to move in the district and run cause it sounded like a fun thing to do.

Anonymous said...

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