Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BARNES to Graves: Answer One Little Question


Kay Barnes, 6th District Congressional Candidate, called on incumbent Congressman Sam Graves to answer one simple question.

Barnes asked, "Congressman Graves, do you agree with President Bush's statement yesterday that the United States is not in a recession. Or do you agree with the 74% of Americans who believe we are in a recession?"

CNN reported yesterday:
"President Bush denied Tuesday that the United States' economy is in recession, calling it instead a 'slowdown'."

CNN reported in March:
"Seventy-four percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey say the economy has entered a recession."

Here's betting that Graves/Roe won't disagree with the Bush/Cheney machine. Graves has been their water boy for the last seven years, he's not going to start slapping the hand that feeds him now. Since Graves is the only congressman in America to get a fundraiser by both Bush and Cheney - the economy is just fine in the Graves world (especially with the Graves family getting all those fee offices from Blunt).


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the term "recession" have an economist defined meaning? I don't think the current economy has met that definition yet.

Of course, anyone can change the definition to make political points.

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