Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ashcroft Embarasses Self, Us ... Again

In a recent speech, our least favorite son, former USAG Ashcroft referred to Senator Obama as "Osama". So did Mitt Romney -- the plasticman who has never had a word or hair out of place.

Of course it was an accident -- again & again & again, etc.

Oddly the GOP that spent years not mentioning Osama Bin Laden's name -- lest the American people notice that they had failed miserably at apprehending the real terrorist while getting us into an unwarranted war in Iraq -- seems unable to stop saying "Osama" in reference to Sen. Obama. He was Osama Been Forgotten until W. needed a tape of him released in Oct. 2004 to help swing Ohio. Now his name is on the tip of every GOP tongue.

But, let's be honest: If you got the same $54 Million payoff from the Bushie Injustice Department as Ashcroft, you'd probably be photoshopping pictures of Barack, Hillary & Osama with Saddam in a barbershop quartet!

It ain't a slip of the tongue. More a slipping in of the knife blade. The same GOP propaganda machine that convinced 60% of the voters that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks -- a fantasy more absurd than Star Wars -- are busy making Sen. Obama just an "Islamofascist Terrorist Manchurian Candidate" in the minds of the fearful public. Dr. Goebbels may be dead, but his heirs are alive and well -- and determined to hold on to power and $120 a barrel oil!