Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kay Kicks Butt

Here's an email I got from Mayor Kay Barnes Chief of Staff, Corey Platt:

Yesterday, something incredible happened. Our campaign reported virtually the same amount of money raised for the first fundraising quarter as Congressman Graves. This is the same quarter that Congressman Graves had George Bush in town to raise money for his struggling campaign. Many of you answered the call to stand up to the Bush/Graves money machine, and your voices were heard.

Kay Barnes has taken away the incumbent advantage from Congressman Sam Graves. Having raised the same amount of money, in a quarter that should have been Graves' easiest, shows that Kay is in the driver's seat. This past quarter, Kay reported raising $402,068, her highest total to date, bringing her total raised in only 10 months to more than $1.4 million and our cash on hand to over $950,000.

In just the first three months of this year, over 1,100 individuals contributed to Kay's campaign. Compare that to just 137 people who contributed to Congressman Graves-- I'm not joking; Kay has ten times more donors than the incumbent Congressman. It is now more clear than ever that Congressman Graves is relying on his special interest friends to send him back to Washington, including another $5,000 this quarter from Exxon. Luckily, we have over 4,000 people who have joined Kay and donated to the campaign. There is no way that Congressman Graves, George Bush and Exxon Mobil can compete with all of you.

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. I'm honored to be working with all of you.

Corey Platt
Campaign Manager
Kay for Congress

This is a huge deal. Taking on an incumbent is hard work. Graves/Roe is the only campaign in the entire nation to have both Cheney and Bush do fundraisers.

Let's be real honest, Kay Barnes for Congress could be the final nail in the coffin for Congressman Graves/Roe. Graves took this spot from a Democrat and then used it as a spring board to 1) build Jeff Roe's company and 2) run the Democrats out of office in Northwest Missouri. Well, folks in that part of the state have had enough.

Sen. Claire McCaskill and State Auditor Susan Montee had great performance in the 6th District. Other things are happening, like Sandra Aust being a strong candidate for state senate in the Clay County area. How about Rep. Ryan Silvey (R) being in bad shape with a very strong Josh Reed running the best grass roots campaign for a house seat in the entire state.

Up and down the ticket, Democrats are looking great in the northland and Kay Barnes is going to win.


the nitwit said...

Go Kay. Great news. She's running a solid campaign, and it's going to be fun watching Graves go down.

craig said...

Great, now we know how much money Kay raised. Now could she actually take a stance on an issue?

Hannah Zimmerman said...

The Pitch newspaper out of KC just did a story about Kay Barnes that brought up Sam Graves. Check it out at The Pitch.

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