Wednesday, April 9, 2008

44th Race

I have to say I was proud to see 2 candidates for the 44th out working hard in the rain yesterday. Amy Coffman was at my polling place at the Baptist church on Wornall Road. She was handing out this very nice piece.

Jason Kander had a nice woman handing out this flyer to a Mother's Day Celebration. Both candidates are obviously very serious and very motivated. No Mary Spence sighting. Clearly, there are different styles. Amy has a more professional piece that shows some impressive endorsements. Kander lists lots of folks in the 44th that have endorsed his campaign and a Mother's Day celebration is clearly showing his softer side in a race against two women.

What do you think? Is one piece more effective for the very progressive 44th?


Dan said...

To be fair (I always am) I saw a volunteer from Mary Spence's campaign at my polling place, and none from the other campaigns. I didn't take a copy of her literature - I had seen a copy earlier - but the volunteer was friendly and enthusiastic.

I've talked to each of the 3, and we are fortunate to have three such dedicated people eager to serve as our state representative. Jason Kander is my favorite, but I like all 3.

Brookside Dem said...

WOW - nice words from Dan about these candidates!

I agree, three good candidates. Wish two lived in Eastern Jackson County and would take on Pratt and Yates.

However, the question is which person's ad is more effective. Amy's piece looks wonderful, has the endorsements of people that voters in the 44th like. Run a weird campaign with weird colored yard signs (i.e Klumb), you lose in Brookside.

mainstream said...

Ok, I have nothing against either candidate. And I really do want to like Jason.

But why would I, or any other constituent-to-be, want to drag my Mom to the 75th Street Brewery to celebrate Mother's Day WITH A POLITICIAN WE DON'T EVEN KNOW???

And does that invitation say that all those other hosts are bringing their Moms?? I don't understand that invitation.

"please join these Kansas Citians and their Moms..." so are Don and Pat Dagenais bringing their respective Mom's, or is Pat Don's Mom?

In either case, I feel sorry for all the Moms having to put up with political chatter when they would much rather BE IN LINE AT FURRs, or seated at the American restaurant getting their food already.

Unless I'm a Waldo politico, why would I want to drag my Mom to a political event (and fundraiser) to shake hands with politicians?

My Mom doesn't like politicians. Or breweries for that matter. If my name was "Mainstream McCaskill" it might be a different situation.

Mom's and politics don't mix, unless you're Chelsea.

And what's with the goofy photo of Jason in front of tulips? Is he running for the state rep of Holland???

This is a very strange campaign event.

Grandma said...

My God Kander is a geek. You can see light though those ears.

Dan said...

Mainstream - If you don't like the fundraiser, don't go. Obviously, a bunch of other people have agreed to participate. It's great that Jason appeals to a broad range of personalities, don't you think?

Get out of my yard said...

As long as someone else introduced personal appearance in this discussion I will say this. Amy Coffman and some creepy looking guy came to my door a couple of weeks ago. She looked like hell. NOTHING fit to the point of being hard to look. She had on this cheap T Shirt that was obviously not made for a large woman. Her hair was pushed every which way with Bobby Pins in a style not seen since The Little Rascals. If she had asked to sit down next to me on a bus, I would have moved. If she cares so little about her own appearance why would we think she would care about the district? This is a two person race and Amy is not one of them.

mainstream said...

"my yard" - must you be so shallow?

We must look past simple appearances, and into the heart and spirit of our candidates. It is not their outer appearance, but their work ethic and their persistence -- in improving the lives of their consitutents -- that really matters.

Unless, of course, you can see light through their ears. That was a pretty funny comment.

Anonymous said...

Diana (sorry, I mean "my yard") how do you really feel? When are you going to stop this stuff? Both you and your husband need to grow up before he runs for anything.

Anonymous said...

Is Jason Kander "Mini-Me" for Gary Lezak?

mainstream said...

I'm sorry Stephen, I didn't answer the question of your post.

You asked

"What do you think? Is one piece more effective for the very progressive 44th?"

I 'll answer it this way...


I'm sure he's a nice guy, but you can see the light through his ears.

I'll pick the Amy option to the right thank you. If I have my bearings wrong, I'm referring to the candidate NOT standing in front of the tulips.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the Kanders in action. They are both ambitious to a fault. I beleive that they will stop at nothing to win this, or any, race. I will be interested to sit back and watch how nasty they make this race.

Anonymous said...

I sat one-on-one with Jason a while back, before Amy got in. And frankly, I do think he is ambitious. Nothing wrong with that. But he gave me all the time I wanted to talk over lunch and took all my questions and asked many of me. I know some of these image issues, such as flyers & web sites, etc. are a vital part of the campaign. Amy learned a lot and cut here teeth on effective messaging and images as a lobbyist for AARP that past few years. So, I would expect both these campaigns to be "effective" in this area. It's a strong group, and I'll take my opprotunity to visit with Amy, but I'm good with my support for Jason at this time.

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