Monday, April 28, 2008

Republican Attempts to Reduce Min. Wage FAILS

The do-nothing Republicans in the Missouri House have never been impressed with our citizens' opinions, which is why they have tried repeatedly to throw out caps on political contributions. You might recall that the citizens of Missouri voted an increase in minimum wage - it was called Proposition B. The Republicans attempted to limit that successful petition drive, too. You sure can't have working people making a living wage! Here's a quick summary from Rep. John Burnett:

House vote is 69-82 with all Democrats voting No on Minimum Wage cut

This week week we debated House Bill 1851 which would have cut the minimum wage from $3.325 to $2.13 for tipped employees - the base wage for such employees prior to Proposition B almost two years ago. When voters went to the polls on this issue 76% of voters approved the minimum wage raise. Now Republicans are trying again to roll it back.

This is the third major setback for the Republican majority in the past three weeks. On April 9 House Dems defeated school vouchers. Then on April 17 House Democrats led the defeat of House Joint Resolution 49 the destruction of the Missouri Non-partisan Court Plan. This type of defeat was unheard of in the House during the past six years and now three times in three weeks. A sign of thing to come I think.

The minimum wage for all employees is still $6.65 an hour as set by Proposition B and would not have been affected by the bill.


Phil Cardarella said...

They're probably just squandering the extra $1.10/hr on food, shelter & health care. Bunch of spoiled rotten peasents.

Seriously, the Repubs must not have stayed for the whole Christmas Carol show. They think the pre-ghost Scrooge is the hero, and Tiny Tim is a malingerer. These guys are cartoon villians who give Snidley Whiplash a bad name. Who actually votes for these clowns?

john said...

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