Thursday, November 1, 2007

Harris Gets Labor Endorsment

The race for AG seems to be the only source of excitement in Missouri politics. Rouge websites (, competing endorsements and press releases. Ain't life grand?

Common thought was that Chris Koster was going to pick up all of the unions. Chris worked hard for union interests as a prosecutor, got the Cass County Justice Center built with union labor and resisted attacks on prevailing wage while in the senate. Harris and Donnelly have likewise resisted attacks on prevailing wage while in the House. Unions like Chris Koster. Usually, unions stick together like glue. A union friend is a friend till the end. AFSCME, a very heavy hitter in the union world, endorsed Jeff Harris. Here's the press release.

AFSCME Endorses Harris for Attorney General
Harris Announces Plan to Review the Costs of Privatization of State Jobs

Columbia – Today the Missouri council of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) announced its endorsement of Representative Jeff Harris for Attorney General. In response to his earning the support of Missouri public workers, Harris issued the following statement:

"Throughout my career, I have been honored to stand with organized labor on behalf of the working men and women of Missouri. As the Democratic Leader in the Missouri House, I am proud to have fought against the Republican agenda pushed by Matt Blunt that has rolled back protections for Missouri's working families.

"When Republican special interests sued the state to get Governor Holden's collective bargaining executive order rescinded, Jay Nixon turned to me as assistant attorney general to handle that case. I successfully defended that executive order in court and would do so again as attorney general."

Harris also announced his plan to review the costs of privatizing state jobs and the status of worker protections under these contracts. Harris also said he would initiate legislation to set strict provisions for state contractors who violate labor laws.

"Worker protection will be a top priority in my administration," Harris said. "Since taking office, Matt Blunt has privatized countless state services at the expense of hard working state workers, enabling him to reward his friends with new state contracts."

Harris has previously been endorsed by the Sheet Metal Workers, Operating Engineers Local 513 and Operating Engineers Local 148.

Anyone want to speculate on the effect of Harris picking off this major union? What does it mean, is there a splinter? How many union members pick a D ballot or an R ballot in the primary? Will union members listen to their representatives and vote for Koster or Harris? How come Donnelly can't get a union endorsement despite being from a big union town like St. Louis?

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Anonymous said...

The union guys sure didn't listen when they were told to vote for Bob Johnson over Matt Bartle. Don't 40% of the union guys vote Republican anyway?