Monday, November 12, 2007

Blunt Wrong About Secret Emails

You all remember the flap over the destruction of emails. Blunt says he destroys them. Blunt's former attorney, Scott Eckersley, says he warned Blunt not to do it and was fired for that advice. Blunt says - not true; Eckersley was fired because he did outside legal work and that he has looking at porn at work.

Well, the AP is reporting that the memo exists from Eckersley to Blunt saying emails are public records. KC Blue Blog has done an outstanding job of keeping track of this story.

What is shocking about this administration is how fast they turn on their friends and how the truth seems to be irrelevant. Scott Eckersley was high school buddies with Andy Blunt, lobbyist extraordinaire. When Blunt didn't like Scott's legal advice, Blunt (and his chief of staff Ed "bunch of Mexicans" Martin) trashed him completely, leaked emails to media outlets and made sure the Source (Jeff Roe's blog) got the first shot at the story. Blunt says no memo exists. The AP has a copy of the memo. Someone is wrong.

Eckersley hired Republican attorney Chip Robertson (former Missouri Supreme Court judge appointed by Ashcroft) to represent him. The truth will ultimately come out and the depositions of Martin, Blunt and Eckersley will make for enjoyable reading by someone.

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