Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dr. Sam Page Joins Forces with AARP

I received the following email from Representative Sam Page's campaign for Lt. Governor. Dr. Page exemplifies middle class, swing voter values in Missouri - values that have always resided in the Democratic Party. Sam's campaign will help Nixon, and every Democratic candidate in Missouri.

While our televisions fill with ads defining us as red, blue, progressive and conservative, our lives remain burdened by the high cost of health care for our families.

No matter your political stripe, Dr. Sam Page and the AARP agree: All Missourians should have access to affordable, quality health care.
Dr. Sam Page, a physician and State Representative, together with the AARP, signed the Divided We Fail pledge.

"I am committed," says Dr. Page, "to working with my colleagues across the aisle to develop and implement policies that provide all Missourians with access to quality, affordable health care. I understand that Missourians want answers, action and accountability from their elected officials -- not legislative stalemate. The time has come to address these critical national priorities. I pledge to work across party lines to sponsor or support legislation that seeks to provide every American with access to quality, affordable health care." Dr. Page is the first candidate for statewide office to sign the bipartisan pledge. To learn more about Dr. Sam Page and his bid for Missouri Lt. Governor visit

To join the effort designed to engage the American people, businesses, non-profit organizations and elected officials in finding bi-partisan solutions to ensure affordable, quality health care and long-term financial security -- for everyone, go to


mainstream said...

Wow, this is a total puff piece. No news here, just Bough pimping for one of his favorite fellas.


Dan Ryan said...

Mainstream -

Supporting good Democrats like Dr. Sam Page by spreading his message is exactly the sort of thing this blog ought to be doing.

Not every post can be about Blunt's scandals . . .

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