Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blunt Wants It "Illegaler"

The Boy Governor, desperate to stop the hemorrhaging of his support even amoung the Repub base, is playing the Imaginary Immigration Card.

Blunt wants to make it illegal to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

DUH! Make that "illegaler"
It is already necessary to prove legal residence to get a drivers license.

Of course -- as any lawyer knows -- we would be better off if illegals could get licensed and INSURED, even if those licenses could not be used for air travel. (Anyone who thinks illegals don't drive -- and have accidents -- is, to put it Bluntly -- a fool. I guess Blunt thinks we should bear the cost of the non-insured with higher rates for ourselves. That assumes thought.)

What is really embarrassing (if they were capable of embarrassment) is the way his staff used our NONPARTISAN police department to announce this very partisan issue. The Chief obviously was surprised, and wanted to hide under a desk when this was sprung on him, but carried on with admirable professionalism.


SSideDem said...

The Democrat Party is going to have to stop defending the Mexican Invasion if they want to win elections. We need a strong national defense and that begins with secure borders. I will continue to look at every candidate through the test of if they are strong on national defense and the War on Terror. This traditional Democrat is looking at Mike Huckabee for President and if Blunt keeps this up he may yet get my vote for Governor. When you liberals wake up to find that all those Mexicans keep little pictures of Bin Laden in their wallets or the cars they live in then you might get the point but of course that will be to late. God Bless the United States of America and to the Devil with our enemies.

sophia said...

And by "traditional Democrat," I assume you mean "Dixiecrat." Have you been living in an underground bunker since the 1950's or are you a republican troll having some fun? Your comment couldn't be more cartoonish if you tried. If you're trying to pass for a democrat who thinks bashing mexicans is the key to electoral success, you should brush up on your Rahm Emmanuel.

porchpundit said...


There is an extended version of the same Dixiecrat rant under the same online-signature on The Source today.

One has to wonder ...

craig said...

"Of course -- as any lawyer knows -- we would be better off if illegals could get licensed and INSURED"
Only a defense attorney could say something that stupid and actually believe it.
The rest of your points were actually pretty valid. Blunt is playing grandstand politics. Until he tries to pass a law that drops the hammer on employers he is just spewing hot air.

Stephen Bough said...

I represented a middle class, tax paying caucasian girl. She was hit by an illegal alien driving a car. Police gave the defendant a ticket for causing the wreck.

The mexican individual took off for somewhere. He had insurance, but since I could not obtain service of process, the greedy insurance company took full advantage of the legal process to screw an American taxpayer.

Is that the result Gov. Matt Blunt wants?

SSideDem said...

Bough have you raised any money for liberal candidates to day to PAY FOR your judgeship? You know you have to make a downPAYMENT everyday under the CORRUPT Missouri Plan.

If you did not have an ID on him Bough how do you know he was mexican and not honduran or costa rican? Don't tell me you profiled the guy?!?! Is that the making of a Judge? A racial profiler? Under the Missouri Plan YES if the baby-judge raises enough money for politicians.

craig said...

"Is that the result Gov. Matt Blunt wants?"
Uh, no. He wants the illegal immigrants to be arrested and sent back to their home countries. Unfortunatley he is grandstanding and blowing smoke instead of doing anything about it.

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