Friday, July 18, 2008

Wheeler Can Throw a Party

MoScout is Missouri political insider's daily email. Dave Drebes does a really nice job of just keeping track of what is going on inside Missouri politics. Every Friday he sends a summary that can be shared. Today's MoScout Weekly Summary had this interesting tidbit.

Party of Five

They had mailed out 250 invitations. It was noticed on Prime Buzz. That’s how I heard about it. It was a St. Louis fundraiser for Charlie Wheeler’s State Treasurer bid. I figured I’d swing by, check out the crowd and the candidate.

It was scheduled to begin at 5:30, but often these things don’t get going right away. I arrived around 6:30. I’d never been to Andre’s Banquet Center before. As I pulled up I figured there was parking around the back I’d missed because there weren’t more than three or four cars in front. I opened the door to the eerie quietness of horror movie. Then I was shocked. I entered the banquet room and found Wheeler, his campaign manager Greg Lever, and third unknown friend that had traveled with Wheeler from Kansas City, and Rep. Vicki Schneider, who helped host of the event. And then there was me. Not one of the 250 invitees showed up. Instead I showed up. Someone they hadn’t invited. I’d planned to blend into the crowd, get a tid-bit or two. Stand in the back of the room, take a measure of this man Wheeler, see how he worked a room, how he delivered a stump speech.

Instead I was the center of attention. Would I like some food? There was an untouched buffet line. Would I like a drink? There was a bartender awaiting my order. Alas, I got some undivided time with the candidate who didn’t seem bothered at all by the, um, low turn-out.

Wheeler feels good about the way the race is shaping up, by the way.


Phil Cardarella said...

I can see the ad now: "CCP Prezat Wheeler Event!"

The problem with attending a Wheeler event is that when you walk in -- hell, when I walk in -- the average IQ drops.

Hope you enjoyed the buffet.

Anonymous said...

Phil, give me a break with the faux-Wheeller love. You and your wife simply DESTROYED that man by using him as a cudgel to try and hit Mike Sanders with. But for YOU, he would have a job, and health benefits to help take care of his sick wife. I hope you feel some guilt for what you did to him, but I'm sure you don't.

Phil Cardarella said...

Let me see: By supporting him for a political office I am responsible for awful things that were said about or done to him? Not the folks who did them?

By the same logic, I am responsible for Mel Carnahan's plane crash.

With that kind of reasoning, no wonder you want to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

In defense of Phil, they raised Wheeler over $450K and really went to bat for him. Granted, it was one of the worst poltical beatdowns I have ever and may ever see, but they didn't hang him out to dry. They really gave it their best shot. I think you have simply confused their inept campaign(s) with a failure to try.

Phil Cardarella said...

Shouldn't the Anonymice at least have to have numbers assigned. I'm getting whiplash, being insulted in so many directions!

Anonymous said...

Phil, you should be used to it by now.

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