Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Steelman Takes on Hulshof's Big Spending

Want to know what real Missouri conservatives hate about Congress - watch Sarah Steelman's latest attack on Congressman Hulshof.

Here's the deal, all this hurts Republicans in the race against Jay Nixon and hurts Congressman Graves in his losing race against Kay Barnes. Steelman and Graves have both hired Jeff Roe (who runs nasty and pretty effective Republican primary campaigns). Roe can't run an ad without mentioning San Francisco. Given the amount of wine he drinks at the Capital Grill, one has to wonder if he is drinking good American wine or the stuff from France (you know, that evil country that gave us Lady Liberty).

Here's my bold predictions - the attack campaign will get Steelman out of the primary, but she loses to Nixon by two points. 6th District voters are sick of Graves/Roe and Graves loses by 1.5 points.


craig said...

Why are you infatuated with Sam Graves. You can take just about anything in the world and somehow link it to Sam Graves and then you have to mention Jeff Roe.
But you keep forgetting to mention that Kay Barnes uses Steve Glorioso. I am beginning to think you do that on purpose.
Naaa, must be an honest mistake.

Stephen Bough said...


The CCP is a Democratic Club that has endorsed Kay Barnes and this is our little blog. Sam Graves has not been good for our state or our country. Jeff Roe decided to insult me on his blog, calling my gay. I happen to believe that Kay Barnes is a great leader and will be good for our country. So, add all that up, I like Kay.

Other, much smarter people (like Steve Kraske) have written in much more meaningful places (like the Star) about Roe attacking Congressman Hulshof for the same things that Congressman Graves has done. This Blog is designed to enourage discussion about such candidates and your post helps, so thanks.

I don't mind Glorioso. You are free, however, to pick on Glorioso all the time and we welcome your posts.

craig said...

Well said (seriously).
I will try to remember this is (figuratively) your house and I am only a visitor.
I will continue to point out inconsistencies (sp) when I see them, but I will try to be nicer in the future.
BTW, I didn't know that you had an ax to grind with Roe. I don't hold that against you. I am a Graves supporter, but I thouroughly dislike Roe's tactics, as well as Glorioso's.
The funny thing is, both of these candidates have enough baggage that there is no reason to run a campaign like is being run. But Roe and Glorioso don't know anything different.

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