Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Official CCP Endorsements

The Committee for County Progress (CCP), Jackson County’s largest Democratic political club, is proud to make the following endorsements:

Attorney General: Jeff Harris
State Treasurer: Clint Zweifel
Lt. Governor: Sam Page
Jackson County Prosecutor: Jim Kanatzar
Jackson County Sheriff: John Bullard
44th State House: Amy Coffman

The CCP is committed to fair and open government and has been in existence since 1964. The candidates underwent a screening process and all their questionnaires are available on our website.

The over 150 members of the CCP will now work hard to see that our endorsed candidates are elected in the August 5th primary. Thank you to all the candidates who applied for our endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Interesting choice with Amy Coffman. Does the CCP really think it is wise to have lobbyists moving into elected office? Even if you agree with the cause she was lobbying for, it still sets a dangerous precedent.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 8:35 -- Your guy got pounded in the executive committee vote, and got pounded in the general membership vote. Get over it.

Dan said...

Anonymous 8:35 -

I'm as pro-Jason Kander as almost anyone, but I have to disagree with the point you're making. While a career as a lobbyist is a factor to be considered, I don't think that it should be a deal killer, and certainly not a "dangerous precedent".

Anonymous said...

No offense to Amy or the AARP, but I do agree that this sets a bad precedent. Imagine the outcry from the left if an anti-choice or pro-voucher lobbyist ran for office. Not just an anti-choice candidate, but someone who makes a living pushing the agenda. The only fair logic is to oppose all lobbyists running for office. It's not about any single candidate, but the overall idea.

Do you want to see Jewel Patek or Andy Blunt elected to the General Assembly?

Anonymous said...

When Dan Ryan of all people doesn't scream about the fact that Amy advocated for seniors in Jeff City, that tells me the rest of you are grasping at straws to cover up the fact that Kander got smoked in the CCP endorsement meeting. Are you really comparing Amy Coffman's work for AARP to Andy Blunt? Nice try.

Coffman for the 44th!

Dan said...

Me "of all people"? I'm always the most reasonable person around . . .

Eric - I think your point goes to far - the fact that someone is a lobbyist is not the problem; the issue is what they believe. If Amy had been a lobbyist for a group with values that we oppose, she would have some serious explaining to do, and would probably not stand a chance with the CCP.

To flip the issue around, if Amy were a lobbyist for the CCP itself, but I could prove conclusively that she is a virulent racist (she's not - this is a hypothetical to prove a point) she also would not stand a chance with the CCP.

Lobbying is a job like many others - I know some lobbyists I respect, and some I don't. Advocating for a cause in the legislature or the executive branch is not any worse than advocating for a cause in the judiciary - and I KNOW the CCP doesn't object to lawyers in the legislature.

I would oppose Andy Blunt on the issues, not on his job.

Dale Youngs said...

I'm going to have to take back some of the things I've been saying about you, Dan.

Anonymous said...

For the record, when Kander and his opponents were considered on merit - rather than who they have struck political deals with - Kander won. The screening committee voted overwhelmingly to endorse Kander. This is not to slight the other candidates, but simply to point out that when merit, and merit alone, is considered, Kander is the most impressive.

Does anyone doubt that Kander would immediately be a strong leader in Jeff City if he is the nominee? Talk to state reps privately, and they will tell you they could use Kander's talents in the House.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think they have enough liars and cheats down there in Jeff City. Let's send Amy instead.

Anonymous said...

Margaret won the first round of the CCP voting. People will not get a run off vote in the primary... sounds like a victory to me!

Anonymous said...

Dale, why trust Dan? Or even sound friendly?

He's only gaming the situation. His defense of Jason's lie in front of the UAW is that Amy was disingenuous to purchase her car earlier.

Always remember two things: (1) Dan wants so much to be a player; and (2) the kanders are like the co-Mayors. Actually they are more alike than anyone would ever want to think. You get a package deal -Jason and Diana.

Anonymous said...

Someone should probably point out that Jewel Patek has already been in the state house. How do you think he got his job as a lobbyist?

Phil Cardarella said...

Thanks Dan & Dale for using your names.

Really, shouldn't we at least assign numbers to the Anonymous Family so we can tell which is saying what? Two or ten? One schitzo?

It is ironic that our CCP is so devoted to open government, but has so many Anonymouses on this Blog. Or is it Anonymice?

craig said...

"It is ironic that our CCP is so devoted to open government,"

HOLY COW, I almost fell out of my chair. You are right Phil, you do have one hell of a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

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