Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hooray for Habeas!

The Supreme Court has decided that the Gitmo detainees have access to Habeas Corpus, thus affirming 800 years of English and American jurisprudence and the clear language of the Constitution. Naturally ScaliaThomasRobertsAlito dissented. Big Tony said it meant all the terrorists would be selling our children in the slave markets of Marrekesch -- or something to that effect -- if we let all those wild-eyed Al Qaida wannabes on the Federal bench get a chance to turn America's enemies loose. (Truly, he is a bright guy, which is why his intellectual dishonesty is sooooo embarrassing. Thomas carries around a room-temperature IQ and Roberts & Alito are just Bushie Bureaucrats. But Anton, alas, has a true spark of genius wasted in a bad cause. Like Robert E. Lee, only without the horse or the nobility.)

Fear strikes out -- but only by 5-4. The Constitution may not be able to take a 3rd Bush term. Hard work lies ahead.


whistleblower said...

I guess the real question is; Will Bush, like Lincoln, ignore the Court's order?

During the Civil War, Lincoln ignored the order of the Taney Court. Could this happen again?

Good article HERE

Phil Cardarella said...

Given that the Bush Administration IS a criminal conspiracy that would make the Godfather jealous, there is always that possibility.

Maybe -- like the Pakistani lawyers -- we attorneys will have to take to the streets to defend the rule of law!

I had the privilege of meeting some Pakistani journalists over the week-end. Apparantly, lawyers have become the folk heroes there since they stood up to the not-nearly-as-corrupt-as-Bush head of their government.

Phil Cardarella said...

By the way, there is neither an invasion (by any rational measure)nor an insurrection taking place today. Few if any of these guys were taken on American soil, but were BROUGHT to Gitmo, etc.

whistleblower said...

I'm glad you brought up the fact that the defendants are prisoners of war.

I havn't takent the time to digest the full opinion, but I do wonder; was it a provision of the U.S. Constitution or a law created by Congress that gave SCOTUS jursidiction? What law granted jurisdiction?

Stephen Bough said...

Remember, the next President will get to appoint two justices.

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