Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mayor Barnes v. Graves/Roe

Mayor Barnes needs our help now. Why get involved early? Well, as we all know from Sen. McCaskill’s campaign, early in-state support and money are essential to getting early national support and money. June is the end of the quarter and people are watching how Mayor Barnes performs. The DCCC and the Democrats in the U.S. House are picking their top races (the KC Star recently reported on a visit by Rep. Van Hollen). This race is one of the few that the D’s can knock off an R, extend our majority in Congress and get enough votes to override Bush’s veto. From a Missouri perspective, Congressman Graves and Jeff Roe have committed themselves to the destruction of democrats in N.W. Missouri and the dismantling of our judicial system. Graves/Roe will do everything in their power to make Missouri a place that elects Republicans via the most nasty-in your face-hostile politics. We in the Missouri Democratic Party stand against this kind of mean-spirited politics. Graves/Roe hate good government and progressive values and will stop at nothing to destroy the basic principles and institutions of our government – but don’t get me started.


Anonymous said...

Barnes has been the victim of inaccurate and rather slanderous remarks by the new Mayor, and that could hurt her chances. Now is the time to focus on what Barnes can really do--and help her ---we(not just in Missouri, but the whole USA) need her and her good values.
Send her some $$$.

Dan said...

Anonymous - my recollection of who was the victim and who was the originator of false and slanderous remarks is the exact opposite of yours. I'm eager to consider that to be a bygone and support Barnes in her campaign against Graves. I won't be giving her any money if she intends to keep running against Funkhouser, though.

I would love to see Barnes defeat Graves - she is a far better candidate with far better views than Graves. Let's work together on that race, okay?

Stephen Bough said...

I believe that Mayor Barnes has shown that she can work with just about anyone. I think Funk wants to have his shot at improving the City. Mayor Barnes had 8 years - she loves this City. If she can win the praise of Bond and Jetton - two Republicans - I'm confident that she can work with Funk to continue to improve the City.

Funk didn't have a mandate from the people, but neither does Barnes now that she is gone. If both will open thier minds to the positive things they both bring to the table, think of what could happen. As any new mayor, Funk is going through a learning curve. Here's hoping that he does well working with 12 equals to get change done.

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