Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grisamore (47th) Votes to Deny Treatment for Poor Women with Breast Cancer

Rep. Jeff Grisamore - a state representative in Eastern Jackson County/Lee's Summit area- must have missed the Sunday school class where they told the sheep and the goats parable. This is the one where Jesus said that people should provide care for "the least of these." Sheep got into heaven, goats didn't make the cut.

HB577 is the horrific health care bill that would allow for breast cancer screenings of poor women ages 18 to 35. If a woman gets a positive test, she gets no - ZERO - treatment. What could be any more cruel than telling a poor woman - "the least of these" - she has breast cancer and she can't get treatment. Grisamore voted for this terrible piece of legislation while also voting for tax breaks for big corporations.

The folks in Eastern Jackson County are God-fearing, compassionate folks. They are the "sheep." If the choice is tax breaks for the wealthy or treating a young, poor woman for breast cancer, these folks in Lee's Summit would choose health care for the poor women every time.

It's not like Grisamore has any kind of mandate from the voters. He won the election by 51.3 to 48.7 - a difference of only 378 voters. I feel confident that the folks in Lee's Summit, given what they now know (or need to know) about Grisamore, would gladly switch their votes. We need someone with a heart to run in the 47th!!

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Beth Low said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Steve.
No Health Net is an insult to the poor and uninsured of our state in many ways; you have pointed out one of the most egregious examples.
The lives of women under 35 are not less valuable than the lives of older women.
Nor are the lives of poor women any less valuable than those of the rich.
As a young woman, I am insulted by the contrary insinuation that No Health Net makes when it allows for breast and cervical cancer screenings but covers no treatment for young women under 35 who have the bad luck to be low income and uninsured.

It is time for a change in the way Missouri does the business of policy making. Swing districts like the 47th are where the change must start.

Thanks for making an important point, Steve.