Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Apparently, I am being missed, so...

...I do have a few observations:

First, legitimate criticisms of policy are appropriate. Cheap shots at the personal appearance of officeholders are not. One of the problems with allowing the Frat Boys on both sides to play is that they really do not know the difference.

Second, anyone who thinks the Bush Justice Department did not engage in political investigations & indictments belongs in the 27% of those delusional folks who still think W. did a good job. Or maybe the .001% who think the Earth is flat. KC now has the distinction of being the only place with a former US Attorney who was clearly guilty of committing perjury by lying to Congress. Even the Kansas Bar should be embarrassed to have him practicing behind the Wheat Curtain (as Judge Moore used to call it).

One thing is certain: Schlozman committed perjury beyond anything Bill Waris ever did. (The only lie Bill Waris ever told was the one he had to tell to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit to save his family from that nightmare.)

As for Gov. Bozo? A few thoughts (having read the complaint):

A. Do we really think what he was doing is a lot different from what a wiretap would have picked up during a chat between Bush & Chaney? Which is certainly not a defense of Gov. Bozo's clumsey crapola.

B. Do we really think that the decision to charge him by complaint (instead of a Grand Jury indictment), and staging a pre-dawn raid on the home of a sitting Democratic governor at a time most likely to derail good coverage of the Obama transition, was apolitical? Assuming that Gov. Bozo was engaged in anything beyond political masturbation, it would seem that a prosecutor would hold off allerting him until there was a "bidder" in this "auction". Unless...

C. Think there is any chance Fitzgerald might be considering a run for governor or senator in the future? Any chance less than 100%? He has been chasing Mayor Dailey, too. Jumping the gun on Gov. Bozo assured that he became untouchable (pardon the Chicago pun) by the new administration, which is pretty well forced to keep him .

Glad you missed me.

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