Friday, November 28, 2008

Much To Be Thankful For - What Can Santa Bring for Christmas

Looking back over the past year provides plenty of good feelings for the CCP. 5 of the 6 statewide offices are held by Democrats, and the legislature has some strong new progressive voices. Our out-going chair was chosen as chair of the Jackson County Democratic Committee. A heck of a year, indeed.

But the appetite for success is not so easily satiated. Here are a few things on the Christmas lists of many democrats . . .

1. Federal appointments. The Western District US Attorney's office has been battered in recent years. Until the likes of Schlozman disgraced its history, it has been one of the best-led US Attorney's offices in the nation. There are still some fine career people who have held on through the dark days of the Bush/Rove administration, and we all join in their hopes that President Obama chooses someone with integrity, judgment and intelligence to be their leader. If he needs a short list of suggestions, just have President Obama give me a call.

Less immediately, but in the coming years, there will be judicial appointments and a host of administrative appointments to be filled, and we look forward to the Federal Government not only appointing Democrats, but people devoted to the causes they are supposed to serve, instead of industry hacks devoted to undermining good government. A key difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats believe in good government.

2. State Appointments. No single appointment stands out as the one that must be made immediately for the good of the state, but Jay Nixon has always been known for his talent in choosing bright, qualified people to work for him. I hope that Missourians' stockings are filled with great democrats in appropriate positions. Our own Theresa Garza Ruiz is already working hard on the transition team - here's where to learn more about the jobs, boards and commissions to be filled.

3. Better County Ethics Legislation. This promises to be the first mess of the Holiday Season, and I hope that somehow our County Legislature gets past its imperial delusions and accepts the well-drafted, well-thought-out Ethics Legislation drafted by a bi-partisan committee. Substitutes that exempt our Legislators from local oversight are not acceptable.

4. A Continued Blue Tide in Missouri. We may have 5 of 6 statewide offices in Democratic hands, but much work needs to be done. Missouri's electoral votes went to McCain, and its legislature remains in the hands of a Neanderthal mob. We can and must do better, for our citizens and our future. We have a long way to go before we can be satisfied with our governmental representation in Missouri and even here in Jackson County. Matt Bartle, Bryan Pratt and Will Krause still represent portions of our county in Jefferson City.

Perhaps, Santa, you had better leave a couple cases of Red Bull under our trees. Much work remains to be done.


M. Hudson said...

I think first and foremost we must look to why MO went for McCain in the most important election in the last 100 years.

Consider the momentum of the Obama administration and the strong appointments that Obama is making.

Consider the future of our country with President Obama.

And then consider the two reasons MO went McCain:

Reason #1:

The Catholic Church in KC and St.Louis (and outstate)

Reason #2:

The racists is eastern Jackson County.

Isn't it amazing that the County and Party of Truman will turn for the Republiclans because of the color of the presidential candidate's skin. And the fact that the candidate will not overturn roe v Wade.

That's what we should be looking at.

The biggest threat to MO Democrats are Catholicism and Racism.

And you think the Obama Administration doesn't see that?

Bough, you better get you crap together and start making changes.

M. Hudson said...

And I think it's time to start naming names in the Catholic Church and in Eastern Jack.

Anonymous said...

"Mr McCain attracted more Protestants (54 per cent against 45 per cent) but fewer Roman Catholics: 54 per cent voted for Mr Obama and 45 per cent for Mr McCain."

Offended by Injustice said...

I agree with M. Hudson's general assessment of the Election in Missouri. As a Catholic, I was appalled by the Church hierarchy’s interventions in the campaign. I believe that their words and deeds provided an ecclesiastical fig leaf to cover the ugly and malformed body of ignorance.

I never felt so much like I was living in a fascist-led community as I felt when my parish priest was coerced into reading political statements on Sundays leading up to Election Day. The statements were works of rhetorical Black Magic, filled with misleading cites and founded on cement of hate and deception.

The misleading rants produced by Bishops Naumann and Finn attempt to revive a dead scholastic tradition where tested-facts are the enemy of Good. It is the same sort of teaching that brought us religious wars and inquisitions. These men are false prophets, who continue to consolidate the Church into a smaller corps of True Believers at the expense of God’s Children.

I am a product of Catholic Schools where I learned the principles of Justice, Conscience and Love. Naumann and Finn do not understand these principles and they endeavor to pervert them. In fact, both men stand in the way of Justice, Conscience and Love. They provide comfort to those who use racism, male chauvinism and homophobia to explain away their own tenuous situation.

In doing so at the urging of Naumann and Finn, deceived people vote in ways that make their lot worse. Their votes allow dark forces that seek to concentrate wealth and political participation in the hands of the few.

The False Prophets provide aid and comfort to this campaign that runs counter to the teaching of Jesus, because they find that service to the rich and powerful is more materially profitable than service to the poor. Naumann and Finn have become Shepherds of the Poor, who answer to a corrupt hierarchy rather than a loving God.

I tend to agree that their words carry more weight in Eastern Jackson County than in Kansas City. Eastern Jackson County has always been a center for poorly educated, white, wage earning majorities who fear change and seek scapegoats for their insecurities. In more recent decades thier numbers have been augmented by White Flight -- people who equate the terms Good Schools and No Blacks. Yet, our Catholic brothers and sisters in Parishes like Christ the King and St. Thomas More are often subjected to a similar kind of hate-based philosophy.

I believe it is time for Catholic’s to stand up and be heard on this issue. We can no longer feel it is enough to sit quietly in the pews and make up for our confirming silence by writing a check to a progressive group. It is time to stand up and say what is Right and Wrong. That is the true lesson of martyrs like St. Thomas More, whose example is often deviously misinterpreted by The False Prophets.

It is not enough to say, I will work for Catholic causes to aid children, or donate to such causes, but I will ignore the Church’s efforts to destroy the democracy that must serve children’s interest. Those who follow that deceived path are no better than the Pharisees who tormented Christ.

Now I must go to Mass.

M. M. Fogerty said...

This line of discussion is offensive to Catholics and should not be allowed on this blog. I am furious that a club that is led primarily by people who CLAIM to be Catholic will allow this. I am going to call this to the attenion of the Bishop and to groups that defend the Church.

Dan said...

Fogerty -

I am most definitely a Catholic, and did the original post. As you can see, the thread has attracted a couple people who want to attack the Catholic Church.

If you honestly believe that political blogs should only allow comments and conversation that do not offend you, I politely suggest that you should avoid visiting most media, including this site.

Monsignor Hudson said...

I am not attacking the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is attacking those people who voted for Obama.

"Obama's support of abortion rights angered many Catholics nationally during the campaign, and Illo's letter, while the first in Central California from a priest to his parishioners on the topic, is not the first nationally.

A Greenville, S.C., priest told parishioners earlier this month that those who voted for Obama risked placing themselves "outside of the full communion of Christ's church" by their vote.

That priest's action was supported by his diocese, the Diocese of Charleston, S.C., which said the priest was simply asserting church teaching."
more here

The Church is attacking those people who voted for Obama as sinners, that much is clear.

There are extreme Catholics that preach politics from their pulpits, and Mr. Finn is an extremist by everyone's measure.

He and his counterpart in St.Louis are the reasons why Obama lost MO.

We, who stood for President-Elect Obama, have not cast aspersions on the Catholic Church, we are simply responding to maintain the dignity of our vote, and our beliefs in that person and ourselves.

Anonymous said...

This blog is rapidly becoming a liability to the CCP.

craig said...

You are an ingnorant twit.
I can't speak about the Catholic Church, I am not Catholic.
But I can speak about Eastern Jack voters since I am one of them. To try to paint us out here with a broad racist brush due to a couple of ignorant racists in your own orgainization (Jackson County Democratic party, and the CCP) is asinine.
Take a look at the local elected officials from out here, and then make an informed comment. Then take a look at what they actually accomplish compared to the dolts that represent Kansas City.
Get a clue, and if you can't find one, then go to the Goodwill and get a used one.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not for abortion rights, he's for "allowing" those born without that certain dangling appendage EQUAL rights - equal say over our bodies.

Missouri hates women. If you're a vagina-carrier, you know what I mean. If you don't understand that Missouri hates women, then either you're stupid or a misogynist or both.

Kander for President said...

When it comes to Craig it is both.

craig said...

Kander for Pres.
Apparently you are as ingorant as Hudson.
Make an informed post or go with Hudson to the Goodwill and get a discounted clue you guttersniping twit.

monsignor hudson said...


It is well known that eastern Jack is racist as hell.

I do not think you are in that bunch, at all.

But you're surrounded.

You're a small, well-adjusted white island of humanity.

Nestled within the whiskey-tango crowd sprinkled by Catholicism.

I never thought Catholicism was the next form of Rapture Right Republicanism, but really, the Archbishop Finn told people they were sinning if they voted for Obama.

Bishop Finn told his parishes (and there are many) that they would be sinning against Jesus by voting for Obama.

That's why McCain won in MO.

That Finn guy is nuts, and there are those of us in the Catholic Church (like Ignatius) who protest.

And we think Mr. Finn is a sinner, ultimately.

craig said...

Mr. Hudson,
You said, "It is well known that eastern Jack is racist as hell."
That is your opinion. It is unfounded and simply not true.
Are there racists in Eastern Jack? Absolutley, but no more than there are in KC.
Is racism a problem in our country today? Absolutley, but by making blanket, unjustified statements, you do a disservice to people who have made strides in race relations. By race baiting with such a broad brush, you actually step backwards in race relations. I will gladly take my local elected officials over those from KC proper any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
You also said, "I do not think you are in that bunch, at all". Thanks, I apoligize for calling you a twit, I realize that you probably mean well, but IMHO are just misinformed.

Anonymous said...

Racism and greed are the two empowering elements of your Republican Party, Craig.

craig said...

anon @ 10:56
Find the plank in your own eye before you worry about the speck of dust in mine.

monsignor hudson said...

I have to say that the people I refer to in eastern Jack and in the Catholic Church are definitely and party and class unto themselves.

Many of them, if not most, are Democrats, which offends me to hell.

The enemy are not the Republicans.

Jameson said...

I think Hudson IS a real monsignor now because that last comment is the most unrealistic comment I have read in a very long time.

Conservatives OWN the Republican Party, and they use it to undue our rights, duties and traditions. So-called Democrats who vote Republican only aid this effort.

There is not separation between the hateful philosophy of Conservatism and the Republican Party. When Democrats forget that they earn a name: Loser.

Dred said...

Nice job CCP Bloggers!

We have a little thing called history. The lawyers that run the Democratic Party don't want you to know the truth.

Learn a liitle about Black History.

Judge Roy Bean said...

"This blog is rapidly becoming a liability to the CCP."

The only liability to the CCP is its members. I'm ashamed to call myself a Democrat if it means I have to be affiliated with the likes of this group.

Anonymous said...

At least the CCP does not know how to run a campaign because if they did their candidates might actually win.

Catholic Republican Bias in the News said...

A Roman Catholic priest has told parishioners they should confess if they voted for Barack Obama because the president-elect supports abortion.

The Rev. Joseph Illo says his parishioners at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Modesto shouldn't risk losing their "state of grace" by receiving communion sacrilegiously. He delivered the message in a Nov. 21 letter and during mass.

In an interview this week with the Modesto Bee, Illo says he sent the letter because Catholic teaching requires that people go to confession when they commit a mortal sin.

During the 2008 campaign, many bishops told Catholic politicians and voters that abortion should be the most important consideration in deciding which candidate to back.
Information from: The Modesto Bee,

Catholic Repubican Bias in the News said...

Several people attending Mass on Saturday evening at St. Joseph's Catholic Church said they support a Modesto priest who is urging parishioners to go to confession if they voted for Barack Obama.

The Rev. Joseph Illo took issue with Obama's position condoning abortion in a Nov. 21 letter sent to 15,000 members of St. Joseph's parish. "If ... you were clear on his position and you knew the gravity of the question, I urge you to go to confession before receiving communion," his letter said.

Rick Walsh of Modesto said he was in full agreement with Illo's sending the letter. He said there were other issues at stake in the presidential election but "human life trumps anything beyond that."

Mary Frampton of Modesto said, "There is no more serious moral issue than the killing of the unborn." She said she was 100 percent in support of Illo's position.

A number of people attending the evening Mass at the Oakdale Road church stopped to hug Illo outside the entrance. Illo was not scheduled to preside over the Mass but said he was going to make a statement about his letter at services this morning.

According to exit polling, 54 percent of Catholics nationwide voted for Obama in an election in which the economy, Iraq, health care and other issues were on the minds of voters.

The Most Rev. Stephen Blaire, bishop of the Stockton diocese, disagreed with Illo. Catholics were not in need of confession if they voted for Obama after considering many issues, the bishop said. Confession would be necessary only if someone voted for a candidate specifically because of his or her support of abortion, Blaire said.

The bishop also said Catholics should not be compelled to disclose how they voted to their priest.

None of the Catholics interviewed outside St. Joseph's Church on Saturday evening said they were bothered by Illo's letter.

Pete Herrmann, a St. Joseph's member, said the priest's position was consistent with the Vatican's strong stance opposing abortion. He said he will support Obama as the nation's leader and hopes he does things to improve the economy. But his conscience would not allow him to cast a vote for Obama, he said.

Herrmann said Illo had "challenged people to think about the sanctity of life."

Illo wrote in his letter that Obama had promised Planned Parenthood that he would sign legislation granting unlimited access to abortion in all 50 states. Illo said it was his role as a priest to advise parishioners on moral issues.

Saturday evening, he said the diocese had not contacted him to discuss his letter. "People say the church should not be involved in politics," he said. "But this is a civil rights issue affecting a class of citizens."

Stories about Illo were carried in several newspapers and on news stations. He said Saturday evening that he half expected his letter would generate attention.

He said he had received 40 to 50 e-mails and phone calls, with the comments running 8-to-1 in favor of his position.

Source Modesto Bee

Fast Bobby Finn said...

Note to self:

1. Contact Rome and ask His Holiness to transfer Father Joseph Illo to the SJ-KC Diocese. This boy has potential!

2. Send the Holy Father a new Sam Brown belt and black fishnet thigh-highs for Christmas.

3. Make annual contribution to the International Association of Holocaust Deniers.

Anonymous said...

I would very much like to see this blog shut down before the libelous material on here reflects poorly on one or more members of the Committee. Without constant monitoring it is simply irresponsible to leave this up to catch whatever air pollution which might waft by. I would hate to see a member of the leadership of the CCP lose a prime governmental appointment because of some embarrassing post on here that was not vetted or corrected. It is past time to take down this blog.

Dan said...

How will it reflect poorly on the CCP, or its members, if it provides a forum for political discussion??

While it's true there is some bad-natured commentary, anonymous and pseudonymous commentary is clearly not the opinion of the CCP, or any of its members.

The blog, IMHO provides an opportunity for the leading democratic organization in Jackson County to get its voice out into the public, even more than its occasional ballots. While it's been quiet lately, as the political season reheats, it will continue to attract hundreds of readers and perhaps even influence a few of them.

Anonymous said...

Dan you just have to have another venue where you can feel important don't you? It is all about you!

Jesus Dan this thing is an embarrassment that you only look at every few days. Take it down.

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