Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Questions, No Answers, No Substance - Day 2

Day 2 of still no accountability, no questions, no answers, no substance. Steve Kraske even wrote about it in the KC Star today.
Palin relied on a teleprompter Monday, and she faced renewed criticism over the weekend that she wasn’t ready for the job because she won’t subject herself to interviews with reporters. Several requests from The Star were rejected in connection with her visit Monday. Palin’s first national interview will be Thursday with ABC’s Charles Gibson in Alaska.

Let's see how the first one goes. Will Charlie Gibson take the gloves off and challenge her or was he selected to give her a lay up (or, kinda like shooting bears from a helicopter)? Why is it so important, ask Pat Buchanan.


Anonymous said...

Keep going Mr. Bough. You will eventually prove that you can count to 3. That's all you will accomplish. As you state, an interview is scheduled for Thursday.

Let's skip the ambiguity. What questions do you want Gibson to ask? Let's close that door. Give us a list of questions so that we may be able to say "Asked and answered".

Please limit your questions, as this will not be a perpetual interview. Why don't you give us 5 or so important questions that you will consider to be hardball questions?

Anonymous said...

OK - here's just a few:
1. what will the top three foreign policy issues be for a McCain-Palin administration?
2. would you sign a law that jails a doctor who performs an abortion to save the life of the mother?
3. what was the last book you read and would you recommend it?
4. how do you think the succession of Kim Jong-il will take place and what does a post-Jong-il era look like?
5. who was the GOP's VP candidate in 1996?

Anonymous said...

Questions 1 and 4 might be good questions.

2. No

3. THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA, by David Freddoso (never ask a question that can do so much damage) #5 on the Hardcover Nonfiction NY Times Best Seller List

5. Who cares about Jack Kemp? I used to work with his son, and I don't care about him.

I was hoping Stephen Bough would have the courage to come up with his own questions.

Stephen Bough said...

Sure, I will answer your questions, anonymous. Post your real name, email address, picture and get your own blog. Let anonymous folks insult you and your family, talk trash on you and hide. Then, I will play your game.

Anonymous said...

Now there's a display of courage on behalf of the president of the committee for county progress.

Your members must be proud.

Stephen Bough starts off by complaining that Gov. Palin will not be interviewed by the press. When Palin agrees to an interview, Bough questions whether or not the Gibson will ask her tough questions.

Bough is given the opportunity to present some questions that he would consider tough (for comparison), and Bough decides that the anonymous blogger who suggested it must give his/her name, e-mail address, photo, and have their own blog (as if any of that is relevant to the issue) before he will comply.

Bough wants to whine. He wants to play the victim. If he provides so relevant questions, and Palin answers them, he could no longer claim that Palin wasn’t presented with tough questions. In addition, if Bough provided ridiculous questions, he would look like an idiot.

Idiot or coward. One or the other. Tough choice.

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